Teltonika routers are equipped with a variety of wireless and wired connectivity options and technologies which makes them an essential tool to connect people, machines and infrastructure across most market sectors. The Teltonika Networks RUT series is engineered to be deployed easily in challenging connectivity scenarios and our RutOS based on Linux OpenWRT has become one of the most functional router operating systems in the market.

Teltonika RUT200 Industrial Cellular Router LTE 4G
23,625.00 Kshs 23,625.00 Kshs 23625.0 KES
Teltonika RUT950 - 4G LTE Wi-Fi Dual-SIM Router
35,175.00 Kshs 35,175.00 Kshs 35175.0 KES
Teltonika RUT955 4G LTE RS232/RS485 Router
39,500.00 Kshs 39,500.00 Kshs 39500.0 KES
Teltonika RUT240 Industrial LTE WiFi Cellular Router
25,775.00 Kshs 25,775.00 Kshs 25775.0 KES
Teltonika RUT241 Industrial LTE Router, Wi-Fi
24,650.00 Kshs 24,650.00 Kshs 24650.0 KES
Teltonika RUT360 Industrial 4G LTE Cat6 Router with WiFi
34,675.00 Kshs 34,675.00 Kshs 34675.0 KES
Teltonika RUTX09 | Industrial 4G LTE router
49,025.00 Kshs 49,025.00 Kshs 49025.0 KES
Teltonika CAT6 LTE/4G Router/WiFI -RUTX11
54,475.00 Kshs 54,475.00 Kshs 54475.0 KES
Teltonika RUTXR1 Rack Mountable SFP LTE Router
59,300.00 Kshs 59,300.00 Kshs 59300.0 KES
Teltonika RUTX12 Dual LTE Cat6 Router
74,300.00 Kshs 74,300.00 Kshs 74300.0 KES
Teltonika RUTX14 4G CAT12 Router
74,425.00 Kshs 74,425.00 Kshs 74425.0 KES
Teltonika RUT300 Industrial Ethernet Router
12,325.00 Kshs 12,325.00 Kshs 12325.0 KES
Teltonika RUTX08 Industrial Ethernet Router
21,475.00 Kshs 21,475.00 Kshs 21475.0 KES
Teltonika RUTX10 Enterprise Router
26,675.00 Kshs 26,675.00 Kshs 26675.0 KES