Professional Headsets

As more organisations switch to headsets as their primary method of communication, in conjunction with softphones, it’s important to ensure the headsets being used are rugged, reliable, and provide good quality audio. Yealink is well known for their cost-effective but reliable headsets, available to connect either directly to a desktop phone or USB to a PC. Yealink’s next-generation cordless headsets also disrupt the global pricing trend by offering undeniable quality at an unbeatable price.

Empower your call/contact centre and softphone users with headsets that last, allow for clear communication, and are comfortable all day with Yealink.

Yealink YHS33 Professional Headset
3,768.00 KSh 3,768.00 KSh 3768.0 KES
Special Offer
Yealink YHS33-USB Professional Headset
5,332.80 KSh 5,332.80 KSh 5332.8 KES
Special Offer
Yealink UH36 DUAL Teams Professional Headset
9,144.00 KSh 9,144.00 KSh 9144.0 KES
Yealink UH34 USB Wired Dual Headset
6,459.60 KSh 6,459.60 KSh 6459.6 KES
Yealink UH34 Lite USB Wired Dual Teams Headset
5,684.40 KSh 5,684.40 KSh 5684.400000000001 KES